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At UpSpring all of our products focus on health and wellness for mom and baby. We believe recovery after childbirth starts from within, so we have developed a line of daily multivitamins and herbal supplements tailored specifically for postnatal moms.

Our goal at UpSpring is to provide the highest quality ingredients at an affordable cost. We source natural ingredients and formulate to a high potency and completion so you can get the maximum nutrients without having to take so many supplements. Whenever possible we use gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan and kosher ingredients because we know what matters most to moms.

So enjoy a new and easier way to take vitamins and supplements for moms and babies.


Milkflow: Drink Your Fenugreek + Blessed Thistle

Whether you’re a new mom who’s anxious about breastfeeding or a working mom stressed about pumping, we are here to help.  Milkflow is a concentrated blend of all natural herbs including fenugreek and blessed thistle.  Milkfow drinkable breastfeeding supplement comes in three delicious flavors – Berry, Citrus and Chocolate – and helps you stay more hydrated than pills. Click here to learn more about milkflow...


Milkflow: Easy to Take Fenugreek + Blessed Thistle Capsules

Milkflow is all natural, gluten free, Non GMO and does not contain any artificial ingredients or fillers. Take Milkflow capsules once a day and let your breast milk flow! Click here to learn more about Milkflow Capsules...


Milkflow: Fenugreek Gummy

If you want an all-natural way to help you establish or increase your milk supply, UpSpring Milkflow™ Fenugreek Gummy can help. We wanted to make it ultra convenient for you to get your fenugreek; that’s why we created the first and only Fenugreek Gummy. Click here to learn more about Milkflow Fenugreek Gummy...


Milkmulti: Time to Switch From Your Prenatal to Postnatal Vitamins

UpSpring’s milkmulti™ POSTNATAL is an advanced multivitamin specifically for breastfeeding mothers. Complete with just about every vitamin in the alphabet, milkmulti™ POSTNATAL supports new moms with its high potency formula.

Milkmulti POSTNATAL contains a minimum of 100% recommended daily value of most vitamins your body needs, plus a few extra for a boost of benefits. Click here to learn more about milkmulti...

UpSpringKid Vitamin D Gummy

UpSpringKid Vitamin D Gummy: Give Your Child the Good Stuff

UpSpringKid all natural Vitamin D3 gummies contain only the goodness of vitamin D and never any artificial ingredients or flavors. Our high potency formula to help promote calcium absorption to support healthy bones and immunity.* For parents wanting to add more vitamin D to their children’s diets, UpSpringKid D3 gummies are a great tasting and easy to take alternative. Click here to learn more about UpSpringKid Vitamin D Gummies...

Adult Vitamin D Gummy Vitamin

UpSpring Vitamin D Gummy: All the Goodness and Nothing Artificial

UpSpring’s Adult Gummy Vitamin D is an easy, convenient and tasty way to add Vitamin D to your diet. Vitamin D is critical to many important functions in your body and the sun and diet don't always provide enough. Click here to learn more about UpSpring Vitamin D Gummies...

WellBaby D Vitamin D Drops for Baby

Wellbaby D: Your Daily Dose of Sunshine

Give your baby the equivalent of a daily dose of sunshine without exposing your child to harmful rays. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends breast-fed and partially breast-fed infants receive a daily vitamin D supplement. Click here to learn more about Wellbaby D

WellBaby Poly Vitamin for Baby

Wellbaby Multi: A Poly Vitamin with 11 Essential Vitamins

Full of 11 essentials vitamins for your baby, Wellbaby Multi is a poly vitamin that combines them all in one easy to use dropper. For babies 4 months and older. Click here to learn more about Wellbaby Multi

WellBaby Poly Vitamin Plus Iron for Baby

Wellbaby Multi + Iron: Esssentials Vitamins Plus Iron

Give your baby the natural multivitamin plus iron from UpSpring. Recommended for babies 4 months and older, Wellbaby poly vitamin plus iron provides 11 Essential Vitamins and Iron for baby's development. Click here to learn more about Wellbaby Multi Plus Iron

UpSpring Vitamins are made in the USA in accordance with Good Manufacturing Processes Our vitamins and supplements are made in NSF certified facilities. NSF certification means that a product complies with all standard requirements. NSF conducts periodic facility audits and product testing to verify that products continue to comply with all standards.


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