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UpSpring Breast Support Pillow



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We are no longer selling the Breast Pillow - to place an order call: 703-244-0031

Look Mom, No Hands! Hands-Free Nursing Made Easy.

Larger breasted women, or women with droopy breasts of any size, constantly have to adjust or hold their breast while breastfeeding to ensure breast is positioned correctly and that baby gets a good latch. It’s hard on the wrists, and can make nursing a tiresome and frustrating activity.

UpSpring’s Breast Pillow was specially designed (by a mom, of course) to make nursing a simpler, hands-free process. The pillow provides comfortable breast support and optimal breast position for nursing. That means you can relax and focus on your baby while nursing, or multi-task, since your hands are finally free.

Why The UpSpring Breast Support Pillow?
  • Lifts and supports the breast while breastfeeding
  • Holds breast in the optimal position for hands-free nursing
  • Helps position nipple to help baby latch correctly
  • Soft, machine washable cover is comfortable against the skin
  • Compact size makes it easy to toss in the diaper bag for comfortable nursing on the go
  • Recommended for breast sizes C-cup and larger
  • Ideal for breastfeeding multiples
  • Works in conjunction with any nursing pillow (nursing pillows support baby not breast)
  • Lactation Consultant recommended
The UpSpring Breast Support Pillow Comes in Four Sizes

Small (C-D cup size)
Medium (DD-F cup size)
Large (G-H cup size)
XLarge (I-J cup size)

How to Determine The Correct Size?

Measure from the bottom outer edge of the areola straight down to the base of your breast. Be sure to follow the curve of your breast when measuring. Use this measurement and the guidelines below to make your size selection. If you are still uncertain on which size breast pillow is best for you, please email and we will be happy to help you with sizing.

2.5" - 3" Small
3.5" - 4" Medium
4.5" - 5" Large
5.5" - 6" XLarge

How To Use The UpSpring Breast Support Pillow

Hold the pillow in the palm of your hand. Squeeze the pillow with your thumb and fingers, and position it at the curved underside at the base of your breast; release. The pillow will spring back to its original shape (don’t you wish your breasts would do that?), lifting and supporting your breast for a more comfortable and hands-free nursing experience.

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