Shrinkx Belly Postpartum Belly Wrap
Shrinkx Belly Postpartum Belly Wrap
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Shrinkx Belly Postpartum Belly Wrap

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Wrap it Up For a Slimmer Postpartum Belly with Shrinkx Belly Postpartum Belly Wrap

  • Triple compression customizes fit to help speed weight loss
  • Supports core abdominal muscles and helps uterus return to original size sooner
  • Reduces swelling and bloating after delivery
  • Instantly slims so you look and feel better
  • Helps improve posture while breastfeeding
  • Breathes easily with lightweight postpartum support made of latex-free breathable mesh fabric
  • Recommended postpartum belly band by OB/GYNs
Now that your baby has arrived (congratulations), you’re probably ready to get rid of the post-baby belly – but that’s easier said than done. Shrinkx Belly goes to work instantly to restore your pre-baby figure. It uses triple compression to help you lose inches fast so you can get back into favorite your pre-pregnancy clothes sooner. Start wearing it as soon as you are comfortable after delivery, and be prepared to collect plenty of compliments on how great you look.

Shrinkx Belly is an OB/GYN recommended triple-compression post pregnancy belly wrap, designed to reduce swelling, expedite weight loss, and to help support your core abdominal muscles while you recover from the rigors of childbirth. Splinting and compression are commonly prescribed after abdominal surgery or for abdominal support.

Shrinkx Belly was designed specifically for moms to support their recovering muscles after delivery while simultaneously helping to shed pounds and inches by reducing swelling. Its full torso triple compression lets you customize your fit (and customize the location of the compression) to ensure comfort and help you lose weight from your belly and waist. The built-in boning provides lower back support and improves posture for breastfeeding. The breathable, comfortable latex-free mesh fabric gently conforms to your body’s shape, and the lightweight band makes Shrinkx Belly easy to wear under clothing.

When and How to use Shrinkx Belly Postpartum Wrap

To get the best results, start wearing Shrinkx Belly as much as possible (day and night) once you are comfortable after delivery. Continue wearing Shrinkx Belly until you’re back to your pre-baby figure or you don’t need additional abdominal support anymore – for most moms, this means somewhere around 4 to 6 weeks. Be prepared to receive plenty of compliments about how quickly you got your body back! 5 months postpartum? No problem, you can still use Shrinkx Belly.

Postpartum Belly Wrapping

For centuries, the practice of postpartum binding has been common throughout Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Compressing the abdominal area after childbirth helps speed up weight loss and recovery by reducing swelling, supporting core abdominal muscles, and helping the uterus return to its original size. During pregnancy, the muscles and organs of the abdomen have stretched or shifted to make room for your baby. After childbirth, this space is suddenly unoccupied, leading to weakened muscles and swelling while your body returns to normal.

Shrinkx Belly provides customizable compression and support for your entire abdomen, allowing you to wrap in the way that is most comfortable and convenient for you – all while looking and feeling great. Looking for the best postpartum belly wrap? Look no further.

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Common Questions On Shrinkx Belly Postpartum Waist Trainer

What is the difference between a postpartum girdle and a postpartum belly band?
Postpartum girdles (similar to the girdles your grandmother used to wear) are considered shape wear. They smooth the postpartum body but they do not provide the same level of compression as a postpartum belly band.

Can Shrinkx Belly be worn after C-section?
Yes, but not as immediately as after a vaginal delivery. Wait until you can do so comfortably. (Don’t worry, you’ll get there.) To help speed your C-section recovery, you may also want to consider C-Panty, our after C-section recovery underwear. C-Panty speeds recovery and helps reduce swelling, pain, and scarring after C-section.

You can wear Shrinkx Belly wrap anytime from delivery through 12 months for best results.

Can I wash Shrinkx Belly Postpartum Belly Wrap?
Yes. Hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry.

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