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While expecting, we religiously take our prenatal vitamins and eat a well-balanced diet to ensure we are giving our bodies, and baby to be, the very best nutrition. After baby arrives all bets are off. You now have a newborn to care for and barely have time to brush your teeth much less remember to take your daily multivitamin and eat three square meals a day.

Do I Keep Taking My Prenatal Vitamin After Delivery?

Postnatal nutrition however is very important, especially if you are breastfeeding, and Lactation Consultants recommend breastfeeding mothers take a quality multivitamin daily to ensure she is getting the proper nutrients. Many moms wonder if they should keep taking their prenatals after delivery but prenatal vitamins may not have the proper amounts of what mom needs postnatal. Pregnancy takes a toll on the body so once baby arrives you need to make your health a priority to ensure balanced nutrition in breast milk and throughout your postpartum recovery.

PreNatal Vitamin After Delivery

What Do Breastfeeding Moms Need?

Breastfeeding requires a lot of extra energy and you should try to consume more than 1500-1800 calories per day. Breastfeeding moms also need less iron that (9-10 mg/day) compared to during pregnancy (27 mg/day). The recommended daily allowance for folate is also lower during lactation compared with pregnancy. Vitamin A is also important while breastfeeding and it is recommended that mom receive 1,200-1,300 mcg/day (4,000-4,333 IU/day). When mom is taking these levels, the breast milk can provide baby with a sufficient amount of the vitamin. Breast milk is also considered to be low in vitamin D presumably because many women have insufficient vitamin D status. Vitamin D supplementation for lactating women is 600 IU/day of vitamin D, but intake at this level in the absence of sun exposure likely results in insufficient amounts for the infant. To prevent vitamin D deficiency and rickets in infants, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends all breastfed and partially breastfed infants be given a vitamin D supplement of 400 IU/day.

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A New Vitamin Designed for Mom's Postpartum Needs

Dedicated to breastfeeding for the last ten years, UpSpring has created the first drinkable postnatal multivitamin specifically formulated for breastfeeding moms. Designed to cater to new mom’s nutritional needs, Milkmulti POSTNATAL Drinkable Vitamin promotes optimum nutrition for lactating and postpartum moms. Milkmulti POSTNATAL provides extra vitamin D (over 700% of the daily value) to support bone health for mom and baby as well as B vitamins to support increased energy (without the caffeine) while breastfeeding. Milkmulti is convenient and easy for busy moms to take. Simply toss in your diaper bag, add water and enjoy once a day. Prenatal vitamins aren’t ideal for breastfeeding and your body’s need after birth. Change from your prenatal vitamin after delivery to a postnatal vitamin that supports breastfeeding and contains bitoin to promote healthy hair, skin and nails. You can continue taking a postnatal vitamin even after you stop breastfeeding or switch to a regular multivitamin. Buy Milkmulti Now

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