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Postpartum Hair Loss

Postpartum Hair Loss

Many women experience postpartum hair loss after their baby is born. While this is not something you may have heard from your girlfriends (they failed to tell you while you were pregnant!), postpartum hair loss is completely normal and there’s no need to panic.

Breathe Easy – This Is Normal

Losing some hair daily is part of the normal cycle of hair growth – an average woman sheds about 100 hairs per day. But during pregnancy increased levels of estrogen keep your hair in the growing phase. Hair that would normally fall out does not and that is why pregnant women experience thicker, fuller hair during pregnancy. After delivery, estrogen levels decline and the hair begins to fall out.

When Will It End?

Postpartum hair loss usually begins two to four months after giving birth and lasts for three to six weeks. Not all women experience dramatic hair loss after delivery but for women with longer tresses, hair loss can be more obvious.

What Can I Do?

  • Try volumizing shampoos, or products, that help to help give your hair a fuller look.
  • Get a new shorter haircut which can make hair look more full
  • Be extra gentle to your hair and only shampoo when necessary
  • Skip the hair dryer and hair styling tools until the shedding has stopped
  • Keep your hair healthy by taking a postnatal vitamin or herbal supplement like biotin. You can try milkmulti which contains plenty of biotin.
  • Talk to your doctor if your hair loss is excessive

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