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UpSpring #LactationLunch Breastfeeding Q&A

Posted by UpSpring on 5/11/2015 to Breastfeeding

UpSpring #LactationLunch Twitter Party Question and Answers

You asked, Janet Jones, UpSpring’s International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, answered!

Our first #LactationLunch Twitter Party was a huge success thanks to our wonderful participants. There were so many great breastfeeding questions that came up during the party we wanted to share them with all of our moms.

Be sure to use our free registration for our next #LactationLunch Twitter Party on May 18th where our lactation consultants will answer your most pressing breastfeeding questions LIVE! Follow us on Twitter @UpSpring_Baby for more details.

Janet Jones

Questions & Answers

What are the signs of oversupply of breastmilk?

Signs of breast milk oversupply are similar to low supply. Baby nursing constantly, baby fussy at breast.

How long into your breastfeeding journey should you be before you start pumping?

When you return to work, you will need to pump every 3 hours to replenish what your baby is taking from a bottle. 

What is the best way to wean baby off a nipple shield and onto breast? It’s all my daughter knows. Gradually! Baby needs palate stimulation and breastmilk flow to feel successful with breastfeeding. Start with the shield, once the breast milk is flowing unlatch – take off the shield – latch again. You can also try taking a bath with baby. All the water and skin to skin contact helps make babies want to latch and start to breastfeed. Keep trying – if baby gets fussy go back to the shield and try again another time.

How does one become a lactation consultant? I’m interested as I’m a Peds nurse Information from

How do I know if my baby is getting enough breast milk?p>

Your baby will be gaining about .5 – 1 oz per day after day 5. Weight checks with your pedi are helpful to know if baby is gaining weight and getting enough breast milk. Wet and dirty diapers are also a good indicator that baby is getting enough breast milk. 6 wet and 3 dirty diapers a day after day 6 is the goal. Pumping is not a good indicator of breast milk production. Pumping just tells you how much breast milk you can pump. You can also develop an oversupply by pumping after feedings if baby is getting enough breast milk at each feeding.

Breastfeeding Mom

Other than cabbage leaves, what can you do for mastitis?

Mastitis needs close support. Full details for treatment can be found at If you have concerns about mastitis, contact a lactation consultant or your doctor.

Does drinking a beer increase breastmilk supply?

No, if you’re low in grain consumption, oatmeal will do you just as good. Wheat, barley, hops, and brewers yeast are natural galactogogues which means they help support breast milk production. There are also herbs like fenugreek which can be used to increase breastmilk supply.

What breast pumps do you recommend? Manual, Electric/Auto?

You will want a double electric breast pump if you are returning to work or away from baby for more than two feedings. A manual pump works great for the occasional date night and while you are with baby. Medela, Ameda, Hygeia, & Avent are reputable breast pump companies. Insurance should provide pump. Here is a video for flange sizing

What is the best supplement to increase milk production? Fenugreek has not helped at all

To increase milk supply we first have to determine why is was low. If prolactin levels are good fenugreek will not help. If thyroid levels are low fenugreek can actually exacerbate the problem. I would suggest a consultation with an IBCLC to determine the cause of the low supply.

What are your thoughts on co sleeping while nursing?

Baby mammals typically sleep next to their mothers or at least in close contact. Breastfed babies and breastfeeding mothers have very different sleep patterns than their formula feeding counterparts. I would recommend a book "Sweet Sleep" by Diana West

Is it true you produce more milk with your second baby?

Not necessarily. Each pregnancy is a new opportunity for glandular tissue growth but hormones, effective latch, and milk removal are the deciding factor.

Any tips on how to prevent clogs? What should you do if you feel one coming on?

Avoid underwire bras or anything that would put pressure on any area of the breast. Some people are prone to plugged ducts. If you feel one coming on, use heat before the feeding and point the chin in the direction of the clog. Gentle vibration is also helpful. Lactation consultation is available if further help is needed.

Paci or no paci? If yes, at what age can you give it to them?

Best to avoid pacifier for the first 4-6 weeks or until breastfeeding is well established. If baby begins chomping or has a hard time latching - get rid of it. How long into your breastfeeding journey should you be before you start pumping? 2 - 3 weeks before returning to work, a few days before a date night, or anytime your baby is not feeding well directly at the breast.

Any diet recommendations to boost your supply?

There are essential nutrients needed for milk production. Iron, grains, calcium, zinc, b vitamins, iodine. Eat foods with these nutrients and take postnatal vitamins to replenish your stores. You can also try a fenugreek herbal supplement.

My first didn't latch correctly b/c of a tongue tie. How do you correct that?

Frenectomy,usually performed by pediatric ENT.

Does exercising effect your breast milk supply?

Only extreme exercise would affect breast milk supply and it would usually just increase the sodium in breast milk making it more salty which some babies fuss at... because it is supposed to be sweet.

My baby is 6 months and I haven’t breastfed in 4 months. I wanted to start breastfeeding again is it possible?

It is much harder to increase a milk supply after 3 months postpartum. If you have been pumping the entire time and protecting your milk supply you may be able to increase supply but I would recommend consultation from an IBCLC to evaluate current breast milk supply and develop a plan. If you have not breastfed at all for 4 months it will be very difficult. Many adoptive parents use an SNS at the breast and even if baby is only getting drops, I would consider that success.

More Questions?

If you have additional breastfeeding questions you can see a board certified lactation consultant.

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