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Handling Motherhood with Grace & Humor: 5 Instagram Moms You Should Be Following!

When you think of Instagram and motherhood, you may think of a perfectly curated life that’s overflowing with flower crowns and calm, blissful mom and baby moments, completed and flawless Pinterest projects and family photos where everyone is somehow looking at the camera AND smiling at the same time. For those of us living in reality, some of these pictures may be a bit of a stretch from our daily lives as moms. We’ve discovered that motherhood is largely about learning how to live on little to no sleep, that coffee is a our best friend and we develop a new, lowered standard for things like “cleanliness,” “healthy eating” (hot pocket anyone?) and “being on time” (have you tried buckling modern car seats on 2 hours of sleep). That’s why it’s so refreshing to have found these 5 Instagram moms who fill our feed with an ideal mixture of honesty and joy, not to mention their photogenic families!

  1. Karessa Borja @karessa.borja


This boy mom of two is THE sweetest! And just a quick scroll through her feed will have you “ooh”ing and “awh”ing left and right. In addition to creating two of the cutest little humans you will ever see, her posts exude a sense of joy and confidence that you don’t see every day. Karessa is an example of a momma who embraces not only herself, but everything motherhood has to offer. We’re honored that as part of her postpartum recovery she used our Shrinkx Belly wrap. Sending you and your sweet family so much love Karessa!


  1. C.L. Covell @godeffinglovesyou


Next on our list is C.L. Covell. This momma had a surprise c-section 4-5 weeks early (check her feed to find out more) and has handled it with grace and humor! A visit to her feed guarantees a good laugh and at times, some refreshingly brutal honesty. Covell is always reminding us that we’re all in this together, UpSpring mommas! We’re also honored that she used our C-Panty as part of her c-section recovery.


  1. Taylor Chidester @rockabyebabyblog

A quick glance at Taylor’s feed will brighten your day (in more ways than one)! From her bright blue hair to her exciting tales of travel and everyday adventure alike, Taylor’s colorful posts are a must-follow! Also, she does a lot of neat giveaways AND has a blog. We’re lucky that she’s been an UpSpring momma for quite some time, starting with her first born who used the UpSpring Walking Wings when he was first learning how to walk. After battling some of her own health battles, she’s also become a fan of the UpSpring Probiotic + Colostrum packets and their gut-healing properties. Sending you love and health Taylor!


  1. Shirri Stringfellow @stringfellowandco

This Texas momma has stolen our hearts and not just because she’s in our home state, but her great eye for design and an even better sense of humor completes our feed daily! Her pretty pastel pictures and clever captions will have you scrolling for hours, and her family could not be any cuter. Her posts are the perfect blend of sweet and witty, but above all, her love for her kiddos always shines through! Motherhood is challenging but Shirri reminds us to give ourselves grace and be ok with being the “world’s okayest mom.” We’re also grateful she’s discovered the UpSpring Probiotic Drops that have helped with her sweet baby’s tummy troubles.


  1. Kylee Austin @mrskyleeaustin

Last but certainly not least, Kylee is living proof that fitness and motherhood can go hand in hand. She just had twins in June of 2017, but that has not slowed her down one bit! She schedules fit meals using an excel sheet, has been posting her workouts to her Instagram story daily as well as healthy eating tips and of course, adorable photos of her little ones. Kylee is bright, bubbly, health conscious, and all about mother empowerment. You go girl! We’re also grateful she’s given us a shoutout or two using the UpSpring Bamboo Charcoal Shrinkx Belly wrap during her daily workout routines.

Inevitably, motherhood will have it's ups and downs, but it's how we handle them that makes the journey such a rewarding experience. From the moment you find out your pregnant, the journey of motherhood begins and that's when you need to focus on building your tribe. These mommas are a great resource when things get tough. The positive affirmations from fellow moms can be just the boost you need to finish a hard day. As moms, we have to band together. When the journey gets tough, remember you're doing a good job and give yourself grace!