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Is it Okay to Breastfeed After a Few Alcoholic Drinks?

Posted by UpSpring on 7/25/2016 to Breastfeeding

Is It Okay To Breastfeed After A Few Alcoholic Drinks?

After months of abstaining from alcohol during pregnancy, new moms may want to relax with an occasional alcoholic beverage. But how soon after drinking alcohol is it okay to breastfeed? How will alcohol affect the milk? We asked Linda Hill, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant to help answer this question about breastfeeding and alcohol. A percentage of the alcohol in mom’s blood will affect the breast milk, so moderation is key. Also, every mom’s metabolism is different, so there is not a universal answer for breastfeeding moms on how much alcohol will get into her breast milk, and how long it will stay there. Pumping or draining the breasts of their milk will not eliminate the alcohol. That being said, breastfeeding moms deserve the opportunity to relax and enjoy the occasional drink, so here are some basic guidelines surrounding breastfeeding and alcohol...

The Reality of Your Postpartum Belly

Posted by UpSpring on 7/14/2016 to Post Baby Body
The Reality of Your Postpartum Belly

The Reality of Your Postpartum Belly After Baby

What will my postpartum belly after baby look like is a question moms think about over the months of pregnancy. We watch with delight, but also maybe with a little fear, as our pregnancy bellies expand to accommodate baby during pregnancy. Over nine months, the uterus will slowly expand to 1,000 times its original size, and as it grows so does the belly which becomes firm and distends to create the baby bump. We stare in awe at our ever growing baby bump, but once baby arrives many moms are sometimes unpleasantly surprised at the look of their belly after baby.

Milkflow Fenugreek Lactation Smoothies

Posted by UpSpring on 7/7/2016 to Breastfeeding

Milkflow Lactation Smoothie Recipes

As temperatures rise this summer are you looking for refreshing ways to boost your breast milk supply? If so, UpSpring’s got you covered with three delicious and easy Milkflow Lactation Smoothie recipes to cool you down and ramp up your milk supply.

Fenugreek has been used by women for centuries for help stimulate breast milk production. UpSpring’s all natural Milkflow Fenugreek Drink Mix is a concentrated blend of Fenugreek, Blessed Thistle and other herbal extracts...

Low Vitamin D and Vitamin D Deficiency

Posted by UpSpring on 7/6/2016 to Vitamins & Supplements

Low Vitamin D

Low vitamin D can be harmful as many studies show vitamin D plays a fundamental role in good health and disease prevention. Vitamin D supports many important functions in the body and protects against a host of health problems.* Research tells us that it is important to maintain healthy vitamin D levels throughout our life, from fetal development to old age.* Yet, there is data indicating that low vitamin D levels can occur very early in a child’s life, especially when pregnant women...