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Top 7 Milk Production Tips for Breastfeeding Moms

Posted by UpSpring on 7/23/2015 to Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is so important for babies and can be challenging for breastfeeding mothers, so our lactation experts offer our top breast milk production tips.

1. Establish a full breast milk supply by getting off to a good start…

Breast milk production for the duration of breastfeeding is greatly influenced by milk removal during the first weeks of baby’s life. Breastfeeding, and/or pumping, at least every three hours and every time baby is hungry sends a message to the body that breast milk production is a priority. Remember that allowing your breasts to stay full signals the body to make less milk, while a breast that is consistently emptied before it is full signals the body to produce more milk.

5 Key Challenges for Moms Pumping and Returning to Work

Posted by UpSpring with Linda Hill, IBCLC on 7/14/2015 to Breastfeeding

Whether you are returning to work after maternity leave or just entering the workforce, adjusting to a new schedule while breastfeeding can be tough for both mom and baby. We asked UpSpring Lactation Consultant Linda Hill to discuss how mom can make this transition easier.

We want to encourage mom to breastfeed as long as she wants to. Here are some of the biggest issues facing breastfeeding moms when returning to work...