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All Natural Vitamin D for Infants, Kids and Breastfeeding Mothers

Posted by UpSpring on 5/31/2016 to Breastfeeding
All Natural Vitamin D for Infants, Kids and Breastfeeding Mothers

We’ve all heard about how vitamin D is necessary for a healthy diet, but what is its significance? Research shows it is important to maintain healthy vitamin D levels throughout our lives. That is why the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends all infants (breastfed and formula fed) receive 400 IU of vitamin D daily beginning the first few days of life.

Breastfeeding Accessories That Moms Will Love

Posted by UpSpring on 5/4/2016 to Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Accessories that Actually Work!

We asked several board-certified Lactation Consultants what nursing accessories families are reporting as essentials for breastfeeding. It seems evident that a few well curated products and tools can make breastfeeding so much more enjoyable.

While having a baby marks one of the most costly events in a family's life. We now have products that can do everything from rocking baby to alerting you when it is time to feed. Some of these products have revolutionized the way we parent while others are simply a waste of money. It is important to remember that you are still a good parent if you don't have every gadget and tool available on the market. After all, women have been breastfeeding babies as long as we have been mammals with only a breast and a comfy place to lie down. If you have the means or can put these on your baby registry, here are products recommended by top lactation consultants.