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Postpartum Girdle, Belly Band, or Wrap | UpSpring Baby

Posted by UpSpring on 4/28/2015 to Post Baby Body

The Long and Uncomfortable History of the Postpartum Girdle

A girdle is defined as: A belt or cord worn around the waist or a woman’s elasticized corset extending from the waist to the thigh.

Girdles have been used by women of all cultures for ages. Why? Because this garment of many different shapes and sizes helps draw the waist in and flatten the stomach.

Postpartum Girdle

Cumbersome? Yes. Oppressive? Maybe. Uncomfortable? Absolutely. But they got the job done. Luckily here in the 21st century, women have many more options to flatten...

Compression Panties: History & How They Help

Posted by UpSpring on 4/13/2015 to Post Baby Body
Compression Panties: History & How They Help

What’s with compression panties? Are they really helpful for a postpartum belly? Learn the history of this unique piece of clothing, and why you might consider wearing a pair of compression panties after giving birth.

Compression Panties: The History and Status of this Helpful Garment

Compression garments have come a long way! Long gone are the old fashioned postpartum girdles our grandmothers would squeeze themselves into. Today, who can image life without yoga pants and Spanx, two highly popular compression garments that help women look and feel better? But how did we get to modern day postpartum compression wear?

Mom in her skinny jeans

Historical Compression Panties

According to fashion historians, the girdle was invented by French designer Paul Poiret in the early 1900s. Postpartum girdles were worn by many women up until the late 1960’s to smooth and flatten the waist after childbirth. But very popular postpartum girdles were also very rigid and not comfortable to wear. Many featured straps and snaps and even attached to stockings.

#LactationLunch Twitter Party

Posted by UpSpring on 4/7/2015
LactationLunch Invite
UpSpring Twitter Party #LactationLunch April 16 at 12:00PM (CST) with lactation consultant Janet Jones We’re so excited about our first ever Twitter Party! We will be co-hosting the Twitter Party LIVE with lactation consultant Janet Jones to answer your breastfeeding questions.

Janet Jones, Lactation Consultant

C-Section Recovery Underwear: C-Panty Inventor, Catherine Brooks

Posted by UpSpring on 4/1/2015 to Meet the Inventors
C-Section Recovery Underwear: C-Panty Inventor, Catherine Brooks

The Inventor of C-Panty, C-Section Recovery Underwear

Meet Catherine Brooks, mother of 3 and inventor of C-Panty, After C-Section Recovery Underwear. Catherine Brooks was pregnant with her first child and planned to give birth naturally. And why not? She was a runner, a triathlete and in great shape!

Catherine Brooks

So when she responded poorly to an injection to speed up her delivery, doctors told her there was a change in plans.