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Will My Hips Shrink After Pregnancy?

You may be asking yourself this question. Yes! And you can get back in your skinny jeans even sooner with Shrinkx Hips. Our postpartum hip compression wrap is designed to narrow hips. The hormone Relaxin softens pelvic joints in preparation for birth. Relaxin stays in your system up to eight weeks after delivery and that’s your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to narrow your postpartum hips via hip binding.



Relaxin: A Mother's Best Friend

Don’t chance having a slimmer figure with a wrap that claims to do it all—Shrinkx Hips is the only postpartum compression wrap clinically proven to narrow hips.

In a Clinical Study, 95% of moms returned to their pre-pregnancy hip size, or smaller, after wearing Shrinkx Hips. Still sound too good to be true? Read more about the science behind Shrinkx Hips and the pelvic area most effected by the hormone Relaxin.




Get Back in Your Skinny Jeans Sooner!

“Postpartum looseness of the pelvic joints and ligaments is real, due to the effects of the pregnancy hormone Relaxin. Applying pressure to the hips by using Shrinkx Hips while joints and ligaments are stabilizing can assist women in returning their hips to a pre-pregnancy size. “ — Steven Solomon, M.D., OB/GYN

Shrinkx Hips can be worn after C-section. If you've had a C-section, check out our C-Panty the best underwear for postpartum use. C-Panty speeds healing and slims the post baby belly. Learn more about how C-section moms can feel better faster and get back to baby in comfort!

  • Provides constant, even pressure to gently guide your hips back to their pre-pregnancy position
  • Multiple levels of compression allow you to control the amount of pressure on your hips & work towards the best possible results
  • Only postpartum compression wrap clinically proven to narrow hips 95% of moms returned to their pre-pregnancy hip size or smaller
  • Can be worn 12+ hours per day and after either a C-section or a vaginal birth
  • OB/GYN approved recommended

Science Behind Shrinkx Hips

A woman's body is uniquely designed to accommodate a growing fetus and childbirth. To prepare the pelvis for delivery, the hormone Relaxin is released during pregnancy, which allows pelvic joints to loosen and expand so baby can pass through birth canal.

The pelvic area most affected by Relaxin is the Symphysis Pubis and Sacroiliac Joints. Many women experience wider hips after pregnancy because of this natural occurrence but thanks to our postpartum hip shrinker, Shrinkx Hips and the hormone Relaxin, wider hips don't have to happen.

After delivery, Relaxin levels remain elevated for up to eight weeks keeping pelvic joints soft and malleable. Shrinkx Hips applies pressure directly to the hips while pelvic joints are stabilizing and guides hips back to their pre-pregnancy position, or smaller. Must be worn in the first eight weeks after delivery while Relaxin hormone is still present and hips have not hardened again.

Shrinkx Hip Skeletal


Learn from An OB/GYN about Your Hips After Pregnancy


What Shrinkx Hips Moms are Saying

Worried I Would Never Look the Same

“At 44 years old, I was having my first child. I was thrilled but also terrified at all the changes my body was going through and worried that I would never look the same. I used Shrinkx Hips two weeks post C-section and continued to use it for about four weeks. I am happy to say my hip measurement is the same as it was prior to my pregnancy. I feel that this is due to the postpartum belt, because I have talked to so many other women (who didn't use Shrinkx Hips) who have said they gained at least 1 to 3 inches on their hip measurement post pregnancy. Even those who got back down to their pre-pregnancy weight say their hips measured more than previously." — Susan A.

Clothes Were Falling Off Me

“After three kids, my hips were 38 inches wide. After delivering my fourth baby, I decided to use Shrinkx Hips. Months later, my clothes were falling off me. I measured myself and my hips are two full inches smaller. I now wear a whole pants size smaller than I had in years. People who didn't know me before, talk about how nice and "narrow" my hips are. And my twin sister who didn’t use Shrinkx Hips after her pregnancy just wants to kick herself!” — Juli B.

Totally Worth It

"I was very skeptical when I purchased Shrinkx Hips. I didn't buy anything beforehand because I figured my hips would shrink down naturally. But when at 3.5 wks postpartum, I was still a few inches wider than I was pre-pregnancy, I decided that spending [$] was a lot cheaper than buying all new jeans! I started using Shrinkx Hips when I was 4 wks postpartum so it didn't have very much time left to work before the hormone was out of my system but it definitely worked! After one week I noticed a real difference and could get my pants over my hips! After two weeks, I was 1/2 inch smaller than I was pre-pregnancy! Shrinkx Hips was totally worth it!" — Petite Momma on

Really Worked for Me!

"I am now a size 26 it seems. It's hard to believe because I have been a 28 my entire life. All of my pants were literally falling off me so I caved and went to the mall to buy some clothes. Went to GAP and bought a pair of 26s and a pair of 27s - thinking I am not a 26! The 27s barely stay on. Alas, Shrinkx really worked for me:) " — Amy S.


What Moms Want to Know...

I had a C-section. Can I still wear Shrinkx Hips?

Yes. However, do not wear Shrinkx Hips until all staples or stitches have been removed. Many of our Shrinkx moms say wearing Shrinkx Hips after their C-section actually made them feel better because it provided extra support. For additional support for muscles weakened from Caesarean surgery take a look at our C-Panty after C-section recovery panty. C-Panty speeds healing, slims post baby belly and increases comfort by providing just the right amount of compression over the incision area.

When can I start wearing Shrinkx Hips?

Once you've given birth, you can start wearing Shrinkx Hips as soon as it’s comfortable to do so. Remember, the pregnancy hormone Relaxin stays in your system for up to eight weeks after delivery, so listen to your body and consult your physician if you have any questions or experience pain.

What should I do if I am experiencing some discomfort while wearing Shrinkx Hips?

Shrinkx Hips should fit tightly on your hips but should not be so tight that it is painful. If the straps are too tight, loosen them so that you reduce the amount of pressure. You may experience some soreness when the belt is removed but that is normal. If you experience pain contact your physician.

If I delivered four weeks ago, can I still use Shrinkx Hips?

Absolutely. The hormone Relaxin stays in your system up to eight weeks after delivery so you still have several weeks to reap the benefits of the postpartum hip compression provided by Shrinkx Hips. To get the best results we recommend that you wear the belt consistently until you are eight weeks post partum.

Will Shrinkx Hips shrink my belly too?

Shrinkx Hips works exclusively on the hips and the narrow width of the wrap lets you adjust compression levels unlike wider wraps that claim to work on both the hips and belly. If you want to shrink your belly too then take a look at our postpartum belly band Shrinkx Belly.

Wearing Shrinkx Hips gives me a muffin top. Is there anything to help with that?

We all have a little extra padding around our midsection after having a baby but remember it's your hips that we are working on. To help smoothe your silhouette try postpartum underwear like Post Baby Panty that slims the post baby belly from the bra line to hips.

I plan to have more children so do I need to wait to try Shrinkx Hips until after my last delivery?

No. The hormone Relaxin is released with each pregnancy and many moms experience additional widening of the hips after each delivery. Shrinkx Hips will help ensure that your hips return to their pre-pregnancy size after each delivery.

Can Shrinkx Hips help with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction?

While Shrinkx Hips was designed to be worn after delivery, many of our moms with the approval of their doctors have worn Shrinkx Hips to help stabilize loosened pelvic ligaments and reduce pubic bone pain during pregnancy. Learn More about Pubis Symphysis and how Shrinkx Hips can help.

Is there any benefit in wearing Shrinkx Hips other than reducing the size of your hips?

Absolutely! Shrinkx Hips provides added stability to loosened pelvic joints and ligaments helping to prevent injury, fatigue, and stress which allows your body to recover more comfortably after delivery.

What is Relaxin?

Relaxin is a hormone that helps relax the body’s muscles, joints and ligaments. During pregnancy, Relaxin is present in 10 times its normal concentration in the female body. Relaxin is very important to the birthing process because it causes the pelvic joints and ligaments to loosen so that the baby can pass through the birth canal during delivery. After delivery, Relaxin levels gradually dissipate for the next 6-8 weeks and loosened pelvic joints and ligaments begin to stabilize and harden in place.

What are the washing instructions for Shrinkx Hips?

Shrinkx Hips should be hand washed with mild detergent and laid flat to dry. DO NOT machine wash even on a hand wash setting.

Is there any time when it is not safe to wear Shrinkx Hips?

If you have any concerns, please contact your physician prior to wearing Shrinkx Hips. Do not wear the belt until all staples or stitches have been removed and you feel you have recovered from the delivery itself. If you feel any pain when wearing the belt, discontinue use until you can wear it again without any discomfort. DO NOT Shrinkx Hips wear while you are pregnant.


Learn from An OB/GYN about Your Hips After Pregnancy

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