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UpSpring Breast Support Pillow
UpSpring Breast Pillow
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UpSpring Breast Support Pillow

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Look Mom, No Hands! Hands-Free Nursing Made Easy.

Larger breasted women, or women whose breasts sag almost to their lap, constantly have to adjust or hold their breast during a nursing session to ensure their baby stays latched on. It’s hard on the wrists, and can make nursing a tiresome and frustrating activity.   

UpSpring’s Breast Support Pillow was specially designed (by a mom, of course) to make nursing a simpler, hands-free process. The pillow provides comfortable breast support and optimal breast position for nursing. That means you can relax and focus on your baby while nursing, or multi-task, since your hands are finally free.  

Why The Wellmom Breast Pillow?
  • Lifts and supports the breast while breastfeeding
  • Holds breast in the optimal position for hands-free nursing
  • Helps position nipple to help baby latch correctly
  • Soft, machine washable cover is comfortable against the skin
  • Compact size makes it easy to toss in the diaper bag for comfortable nursing on the go
  • Recommended for breast sizes C-cup and larger
  • Ideal for breastfeeding multiples
  • Works in conjunction with any nursing pillow (nursing pillows support baby not breast)
  • Lactation Consultant recommended

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